Hanlon Park

Hanlon Park

Hanlon Park has been rejuvenated in a major project, the result of many years of collaboration between N4C and Brisbane City Council under the Norman Creek Catchment Master Plan.  Norman Creek has become a living waterway through Greenslopes with the removal of the concrete channel and replacement with a naturalised waterway. 

Hanlon Park Upgrade and Rejuvenation

Norman Creek in the Hanlon Park area was once notable for the ageing concrete channel and almost total lack of life in the creek.  This was the catalyst for N4C, in partnership with Council, developing the Norman Creek 2012-2031 Master Plan.  Hanlon Park is now the jewel in the crown of the Master Plan: a naturalised creek channel with vastly improved ecological health. 

Norman Creek has now been reconfigured with a beautiful meandering low-flow channel, and a wide high-flow channel which is able to handle large volumes of water when the creek is in flood.  Freshwater habitats are supported by riparian planting and far more animals and birds are now seen in the park.  Simple infrastructure design allows movement of floodwaters with minimum impact due to flood resilient design. 

It is wonderful that Brisbane City Council was willing to commit to this project, and all involved put in so much effort to fulfil the complex requirements of the project!


The Burnett Swamp Bushcare Group have been working to restore the natural habitat of Norman Creek in Hanlon Park beside the kindergarten.  The group is in its 20th year, and aim to develop a bush food garden, bring wildlife back into the area, preserve valuable large trees and facilitate environmental education along the high ground next to this section of Norman Creek.

Background of the project

Hanlon Park lies behind the Stones Corner shops, on either side of Norman Creek, between the Logan Road bridge and the Cornwall Street bridge.  It contained the intertidal zone; currently the tidal section begins just downstream of Hanlon Park.

The area from Stones Corner all the way back to Ridge St was referred to by early European settlers as "Burnett Swamp".  This was once a place of celebration and abundance for the local indigenous people.  A healthy ecosystem of freshwater habitats, flood plain and intertidal areas including Burnett Swamp provided sustenance for the traditional landowners. 

As part of the Norman Creek Catchment Master Plan, N4C submitted a concept plan for Hanlon Park; you can download it below.  The design process for the creek revitalisation restarted in 2018, and the public got involved via a survey and co-design workshop.  N4C representatives attended the co-design workshop and collaborated with other community members, engineers, architects and planners.  Council released the draft concept plan in late 2018: Click here to see it.  The design was then finalised and construction began in 2019 by Epoca Constructions, finishing in 2022.

Project contact details

The main Hanlon Park revegetation is under maintenance by the contractors until approximately July 2024.  

Working bees for Burnett Swamp Bushcare are the first Saturday of the month, 7 to 9am.  Meet near the parking area off Cornwall St, Greenslopes.  Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Strategic plan

When the project was just a twinkle in our eye, in 2012, a strategic plan was developed for Hanlon Park by N4C and drawn up by Ashley Nicholson, landscape architect.  You can download it here:


Report environmental damage

Did you see something happen to our waterway?

If you see oily water, dead fish, dumping of rubbish, garden waste or tree removal on a creek bank, contact us or call Brisbane City Council 07 3403 8888

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