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Glindemann Creek is a major tributary of Norman Creek; its headwaters are in the bushland on the slopes of Mt Gravatt and flowing through Holland Park and Holland Park West. A large part of it is a concrete channel, which interferes significantly with normal creek ecology. However the section in Glindemann Park has been recognised as having some of the highest potential for exhibiting Natural Channel Design.

Background of the project

N4C and community representatives participated in developing a master plan for the site some years ago. At the far southern end of Glindemann Park, one bank of the creek was naturalised by Council in the early 2000s, and shows a healthy riparian zone on the eastern bank, although the stream is then piped under the children's playground area. Downstream of this, two stands of plantings were carried out by Greening Australia on the high banks.

There is also a creek filtration system at the northern end of the park, where water flows out of underground pipes and flows over the ground through a planted garden of sedges and grasses.  The goal is to clean stormwater before it enters the creek.

A major creek rehabilitation project was completed at Glindemann Park, downstream of the playground, in 2018.  As part of the Norman Creek 2012-2031 Master Plan, Brisbane City Council excavated the creek banks, stabilised and replanted with thousands of sedges, reeds and rushes.  Shrubs and trees were planted in specific areas, and large logs were securely anchored in the banks to provide natural woody debris for in-stream habitat.  Council involved N4C in the project planning in a special workshop; you can view the BCC webpage for the project, with downloadable draft project plan.

Current Involvement

Local residents joined with Council and N4C in a major planting at the end of this project in June 2018; some of these enthusiastic locals went on to create a bushcare group within the park.

The aims of the group are to improve the ecology, biodiversity and appearance of Glindemann Creek through maintaining and restoring native vegetation, and increase awareness and engagement with the local community about the importance of healthy waterways.  

Key objectives include:

  • Secure the health of existing planted areas/habitats by removing and controlling weed species and doing infill planting if necessary.
  • Rehabilitate sections of creek bank dominated by exotic weedy plants, by removing and controlling weeds and following up with planting of appropriate local species. This would commence at the southern (upstream) end and work downstream over time, to minimize downstream flow of weed seeds.
  • Remove rubbish within the creek and the adjacent tributary during bushcare activities to improve amenity and creek health.

Raise community awareness and engagement with the bushcare group and N4C through regular advertised working bees and plantings.

Get involved

We meet the second Saturday of the month, 8-11am, between the months of February and December, and can generally be found upstream of the playground on the Logan Rd side somewhere!

If you are interested in getting involved at this site, please email the Glindemann Park Bushcare This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Future of the project

Current goals of the group are to consolidate the previous planting works we have done upstream of the playground area, planting the lower bank area and managing weed regrowth until trees and planting are established enough to fend for themselves.

In time, we will look at continuing our regeneration works in the area planted by Council in 2018 and beyond. We hope Glindemann Creek will be naturalised all the way through Glindemann Park and further on, towards the confluence with Ekibin Creek, where Norman Creek officially begins.  

Ecological Monitoring

Glindemann Park has been visited by our Baseline Ecological Monitoring team, in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018.

Site map

A generous volunteer helped us map the vegetated sections of Glindemann Park - check it out.

Report environmental damage

Did you see something happen to our waterway?

If you see oily water, dead fish, dumping of rubbish, garden waste or tree removal on a creek bank, contact us or call Brisbane City Council 07 3403 8888

Map of our area

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A map of the Norman Creek catchment area in Brisbane, Queensland. Image credit: Google

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